Nov 1, 2012

Halloween, Take 1

I regret to inform you that today's trick-or-treating is postponed until Saturday when our municipal services expect to have the roads cleared of debris that may be hazardous to the 4-12 yo set: downed trees, live wires, aluminum siding.  You know, the usual.

We spent yesterday playing Red Cross to several of our neighbors who don't have power by way of providing coffee (thanks to Ace's dad for the french press!), hot chocolate, Toy Story, legos, and running a 200' extension cord across the street so one guy can run his refrigerator and sump pump.  Oh, and then we all spent the later afternoon combing the streets looking for one neighbor's lost dog who decided to show up on his own accord after we had all slunk home in defeat.

It is not very often that we get to tend to the bonds that bind us as a community.  I am grateful for the opportunity to show my gratitude to the families around us for being such good neighbors.  No one has their car up on blocks, posts political signs in their yards (with the exception of that one guy who put up a Steelers banner the day he moved in - blecch!), plays loud music into the wee hours, etc.  I can't say I know any of them very well, being a "bedroom resident" myself, but I can say that they are all good neighbors.

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