Nov 28, 2012


So, this time last year we were so grateful to have with us a most beloved cousin who had been hit by a car just a few weeks before the holiday (and who had given birth to twins just months before that).  This year, our celebration and gratitude were far less somber and more the ebullient chaos that I have known and treasured lo' these 16 years of wedded bliss.  Everyone was there, everyone in good health, no one unemployed (at least, by choice), everyone with a reason to look forward to tomorrow.

I spent Friday by myself relishing the fortune and bliss that is owning my house and fleece pajamas.
Note that I am wearing pink to match Her Highness

On Saturday, I wrapped myself around a certain puggle and soaked up enough fur therapy to last me until I see my best bud, Souper, next month.

And so it goes...

And so it goes...

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